Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vision dreams of passion.

Brain Scan Study Shows Cocaine Abusers Can Control Cravings - ScienceDaily.

The craving response can be quelled, say scientists. The study provides the first evidence that cocaine abusers have some ability to cognitively inhibit their cravings, even in the face of drug-related cues. This news could help develop clinical interventions to prevent relapse.

Finally! part of me says, since
Your little habit has been tearing this family apart,
Yay no more Vice mag! and, more importantly, people who read Vice,
Nas' whole Escobar phase is gone and I never ever want it back,
We all hate how it ravages your skin, turns you bitchy and makes you barren; and
NO, me and my friend do not want to come with you into the bathroom.

But Oh dear, that's terrible! another part of me says, since:
Will 80% of my cultural references be obsolete now?
Ki's opening doors, the trap and bricks and pots and cooking fish not really meaning that you're baking some nice salmon sorry Mom, John DeLorean and every day above ground is a good day and blah blah blahhhh,
I can’t feel my face, fish scales in my veins like a pisces, "__________" - Biggie, Pato Banton, Eric Clapton, various Wu operatives, any MC from the state of Georgia, Louisiana or Florida. Or Texas or NY or California;

when you said you liked white girl I thought you meant you liked ME,

oh and PS,

it’s Richard Pryor’s birthday!


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