Sunday, December 27, 2009

FlyLo. Miles. 9th.

Yay for boys who make music.

1. As a frequent live show audience member, I can tell you that it's heaven when people who make music are very clearly fans of music and when you can very clearly read this on their faces during performance. Flying Lotus, every picture I see of you live and in action makes me smile with delight because I can very clearly see the enthusiasm you possess for your work. I could learn something from you, sir.

Looka here, the soundtrack to a futuristic sexualized wilderness. It's a decade of Flying Lotus, mixed by GLK, and it makes me feel warm all over. I'm pretty sure that's like ten years, you guys. (Courtesy of my boyfriends at Crate Kings who have yet to recognize that I'm the Crate Queen. Still my boyfriends, though.)


2. The Guardian has a feature about Miles Davis' love affair with the city of Paris that made me snap my fingers, say oh shit, and sit at attention.

He first traveled there in 1949 at the age of 22, where he and his music were treated with respect and he met Picasso and Jean-Paul Sartre--"the group would sit together in hotels, cafes and clubs in the Saint-Germain district, using a mixture of broken French, broken English and sign language to communicate." Um, swoon and whatnot. Plus the Parisian women weren't bad. Ladies loved him, girrrrrls adored him. I mean even the ones who never saw him like. He had various dalliances with ladies more beautiful and French than me no doubt, and then, as is the case with most of my jazz-god paramours, heroin took over and blazed a destructive path.

"In the US, Davis was already a rising star in the jazz world, but while he was highly respected among his peers, in mainstream America he was seen as a second-class citizen. It was a time when segregation and discrimination were rife, and most US states enforced anti-miscegenation laws. But France was a different story, and nothing could have prepared Davis for the reception he would receive in Paris. 'This was my first trip out of the country,' recalled Davis. 'It changed the way I looked at things forever ..."

(The article also says that, beginning in the mid-'60s, Miles Davis began printing “Directions in Music by Miles Davis” on his albums, rather than just his name. I see you, Kanye.)

We Want Miles – Miles Davis: Jazz Face to Face with Its Legend is at the Musée de la Musique, Paris, until 17 January, and in Montreal from April to August. Ha, like I'm really gonna go. But putting the information on my blog gives me hope that I might be able to swing it somehow.

3. Reasons I want to hug 9th Wonder:

1) He makes it so I'm not the only underweight '90s hiphop dork in the room (so thin, that one! "Eat something, dear" say the grandmothers of the world to people with our metabolism speed).

2) All those Mighty Diamonds loop flips. All the Little Brother stuff. Skyzoo. Not using a Mac, STILL. (Not that I have anything against Macs; I just like stubbornness in a talented dude.)

3) On production:
"Wails and moans, I learned from RZA." Didn't we all, 9th.

4) On production again: "I don’t really get into the technicalities of it. I just get that feeling in my chest." Why hello there, Logan's Life Motto.


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