Friday, January 22, 2010

When we roll it's like we got the key to the city.

Time for me to gentrify another neighborhood, y'all! HeightFiveSeven Enterprises, All Rights Reserved, is moving its distribution center and headquarters from apartment 302, across Los Angeles, to the east my brother to the east since, after all, the sun rises in the east plus the east is in the house, Oh my god! DANGER!* Above: advance spotting of me hanging out on my new turf. (Image only slightly off-scale.)

Change is hard but through change comes growth, and also through change comes being closer to a good record store and saving $100/month on rent. Please send flowers, money, kittens, love letters, posters of a '70s Stevie Wonder, records of course, and a bearskin rug in primo condition to me, c/o Echo Park, CA. It's a lovely area, lake adjacent, which means I'll be able to do my Guru verse from "Above the Clouds" and point to the body of water outside my window for maximum effect. Like constellations reflect at night off the lake, I'll say, and I'll feel very pleased with myself. Lots of lines from "Lake of Fire" (Meat Puppets version) will probably also be tossed around in my new place (apt. 15) as well. Also, there's th-th-th-th-the bridge, which is so appealing to this girl who enjoys strolling in her sundress on a warm day, but then when me and my new place have a falling out, the bridge will of course be over. Aw.

*Ain't no need to act sheisty! Blahzay Blahzay - “Danger.”



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