Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dre understands me in a special auditory way.

The Guardian:

[I did this] because it's sound. And I know a little bit about that, (Dr.) Dre chuckles, before explaining that an mp3 downloaded from the Internet, particularly illegally, can be as much as 10 times lower in quality than vinyl or even a CD. Coupled with the fact that many are listening to music on mobile phones or through tinny speakers, (the deterioration of music's sound quality) makes Dre disgruntled.

Once it gets to your computer, everything's compressed. It's like smashing sound,he explains.”

Nestled inside an article about Dre and his #1 Judaic industry buddy Jimmy Iovine* is this quote, used to justify Dre selling those stupid expensive headphones that are supposedly going to make computer music sound clear and large, just like turntable music. Not likely, Andre. But I still applaud your honesty regarding that patented crappy mp3 sound. Analog over digital, all day every day. There is a difference. My ears say so.

Now's the time in the post when I turn to address the city of Los Angeles and say, OH, I SEE QUITE CLEARLY NOW. EVIDENTLY JAY ELECTRONICA's "EXHIBIT C" IS UNAVAILABLE ON VINYL ANYWHERE WITHIN DRIVING RANGE. Amoeba, Fat Beats, Turntable Lab, Bagatelle, Rockaway: you are killing me steadily. Lord have mercy.

“Exhibit C.” SWOON. Still not sick of it, mostly because of that moment at the 28-second mark. It's all compressed n' smashed in this format, and yet lovely as all hell.


*(I just found this out--don't tell anyone--but Jimmy Iovine produced “Edge of Seventeen,” “Don't Come Around Here No More,” “Alive and Kicking,” and a bunch of other Caucasoid classics that I hated until I turned 25, when I realized pop music is not the devil. Jimmy, you're amazing! He also produced Patti Smith, who I never hated and never will so there's no need for me to apologize. I'm full of manufactured edge, shopping at American Apparel and liking Red One's production work but way way deep down inside I'm fucking punk rock, you guys.)


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danps said...

Southern Accents is one of the best albums of the 80's and you should buy it if only to truthfully claim to have heard "Spike."

Since you liked "There's a Reason" by AA Bondy let me point you to Drank the Ocean Dry by Scott MacLeod.