Friday, April 22, 2011

The obvious solution must be a bed piano! (Random Tributes: my copy of DJ Quik's “Tonite”; the Fender Rhodes on DJ Quik's “Tonite”)

"I need a 7-Up, because my head is spinnin."

"Round and round, I think I better sit down."

Black Milk did some Slum Villy production when he was 18. He had found his calling even back then. These days he still does drums. He should do drums, professionally, for ever and ever. On his tax return, under "Occupation," he should write DRUMS. DJ Quik was 21 when Quik is the Name came out. Incredible! I'm a few years past that age too and I have mastered little except the art of lounging and posing while nerding out and obsessing. Oh and I can sew now too.

Lounging and posing, above. Nerding out and obsessing, below:

(Rhodes was from the Valley! Quik, however, was not from the Valley. PIRUUUU, Blood.)

"You know I ain't ashamed, and you know I ain't bashful." Oh wait - I am kind of bashful
(despite the fact that I have just appeared on the Internet in a pink lacy onesie).

Kleeer "I Love to Dance." Nice title. Non-ironic, catchy, straightforward.



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