Wednesday, April 13, 2011

“Hell is other people ('s apartments)” - Sartre.

2 in the mornin and the party's still jumpin cuz my mama ain't home!

I'm happy in apt. 680. Thank you.

(photo credit: GF, who does not approve of grown-ups wearing onesies but said I looked cute sitting like that, with my Lou record)

Lou Donaldson - “Who's Making Love.” Nobody in apt. 680, Lou! Your curiosity is charming, though.
PS Big's not only the client; he's the player president.




Ominous Red said...

That's some mean Organ playin'.

danps said...

Funny enough, right before I read this I finished trying out a couple of B.o.B's new ones (connection: he is last year's Khalifa). Sophomore slump or beginner's luck? Time will tell.

Thanks for passing along "Raid" - it's terrific. However, you mention the piano but not the bass. It may as well be an instrumental to me because whenever it comes on I don't hear any vocals, just piano and bass, piano and bass. (Do you think the discussion of threesomes in that section got the author of "No Exit" incubating inside your head?)

Another professional sports league is about to kick off its postseason, a period affectionately known in these parts as "countdown to the draft."

Finally, I have no proper place to put this so I leave it as an unrelated note: All parties in this story seem blissfully unaware of the pagan roots of Easter. Eggs, bunnies and its positioning to the vernal equinox all relate to a spring fertility rite and not the risen Savior. Would have been amusing if one of the anchors had said "well actually Jesus was just tacked on later," but that's the kind of thing you can only get away with in blog comments.

And yes, the incubating/egg bit was included for the surprise and delight of careful/patient readers.