Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Scarlett exists just to make me feel bad about my personal appearance, plus 5 things that entertained me at work yesterday.

I'm easy; any girl who couldn't get a job with American Apparel because she's not shaped like a 12-year-old boy just does it for me. [V magazine]

Ornella Vanoni, "L'Appuntamento," which should play in your head every time you see me in a slip, walking around the house to get ready for a fancy, boring party. Sono triste tra la genteche mi sta passando accanto; ma la nostalgia di rivedere te forte pi del pianto. You don't need an English translation, my man. Just listen.


The Onion:

• Jeff Tweedy's son Spencer has a blog, both a regular one and a photo one, and they're better than mine. He's 14, and sassy and adorable. (sorry, Spence! You are.)

"I go to jew camp...(where) half the girls at camp are named 1. rebecca 2. sarah 3. rachel." LOVE.

Animated album cover GIFs! Via GQ.

Monch's pre-Mother's Day Twitter tributes, a study in both "Awwww" and "MOMMMM, you're embarrassing me in front of Mos."



danps said...

"Chomsky also found the burger to be too salty." = big win.

Dart Adams said...

*Leaves comments section to go play Tecmo Super Bowl on his PowerBook G4*