Thursday, January 3, 2008

Courtney Hearts Huckabee (And Jesus & Hunting, Too)

Voters' Views: Courtney Solberg (from BBC News)

As the US gears up for the first presidential election events of 2008 in Iowa and New Hampshire, we asked a panel of six Iowans to tell us who they will be voting for in their state caucus on 3 January, and why.

Courtney Solberg
Researcher | Republican

"I began my support of Governor Huckabee during the summer of 2007 during the Iowa Republican Party straw poll. I went along because of the fair tax rally, supporting a plan which would eliminate all taxes based on income and replace them with a 23% sales tax.

The chief Republican candidate who embraced the fair tax was the governor of Arkansas, who is also a bass guitar player for the classic rock band, Capital Offense - Mike Huckabee. The fair tax would create the largest shift of power from the US government to the people.

Not only did I find myself excited about his fair tax support, I also was very excited that he played in a rock band, a genre I enjoy.

His 10 years as governor of Arkansas have given Mike Huckabee the experience of managing a state. Furthermore, his work as a Baptist minister in Arkansas provided him with a critical role of dealing with common people, as their spiritual and community leader.

His experience with executive business and with the common folk (both in a leadership role) only adds to the breadth of people he can lead.

In addition, he has the ability and record of defeating the Clinton machine in Arkansas, heading toward a more conservative road.

He connects with me in my Christian background, my hunting background, as well as a general conservatism that needs to outlive the Clinton legacy in Arkansas and in the USA."

"Common people." I'm laughing through the tears, you guys. This is not from The Onion. (On a super English-language-nerd note, I must point out to my boy that it's actually "heading down a more conservative road"--you don't head toward the road; you're already on it. Ass.)

My boy reportedly enjoys the rock music, so, what the hell, I'll award him like half a point for that; however, given his support of Jesus-freak homophobic pheasant killers, it's safe to assume I will not be making babies with him--now, in the near future, or when the Apocalypse comes.


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