Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Also, The Police's Best Album

Japanese art director Jun Tsuzuki has been running Synchronicity since 2005--a very fascinating project that, although suprisingly very basic and simple, has become a very successful campaign. Jun gets people from all over the world and asks them to take a picture of what they are doing at a pre-determined moment in time and builds a lot of anticipation in doing so. These pictures, along with a brief explanation of the time and place they are taken, are then displayed on the Synchronicity website as a portrait of the world at that exact moment.

These moments are significant moments in history (for example the exact second of the first impact on the World Trade Center, 9/11) or mathematically pleasing moments (11:11:11:11:11 for the 11th of November at 11 AM 11 minutes and 11 seconds). To guarantee the pictures are taken at the exact same time, the participants are asked to synchronize their local time with the given GMT time. The next moment marks Synchronicity's third annual celebration of the New Year, occurring at 1 January 2008, 0:00:00 GMT. (That's 31 December 2007, 7:00:00PM New York; 31 December 2007, 4:00:00PM Los Angeles; 1 January 2007, 3:00:00AM Moscow; 1 January 2008, 8:00:00AM Tokyo).

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