Tuesday, July 12, 2011

“She was struck down; it was her DOOM” - MJ, regarding me passing out from joy over hearing some new Dumile this week

Hearing “Pass it off, Starks: go” is all I have cared about for the last 48 hours.

I died/cried when I heard that new DOOM/Starks. A big fat thank you thankyouthankyouuuu to fellow Doom-minded types like my blipster friend here, for it is with their electronic help that my Doomsy-ness is all that it can possibly be. Until I finally break down and accept the offer to join the Future Foundation, the best way I can think to serve humanity's future is to post helpful breaks information such as this.

Dannie Belles. I will never cease to praise him for the good he’s sent my way, she says, And I know he will continue to bless and lead me to a brighter day. Well, yes, because he's been doing that since around '88-9, Dannie! Pay attention.



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