Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome 2 Zombieland, kids.

In 2005, the Six Flags theme park in New Orleans' Ninth Ward was closed for the approaching hurricane. It never reopened. The city of New Orleans allowed photographer Teddy Smith to shoot video footage of the abandoned park before its demolition in January 2011.

Johnny Jenkins, “I Walk on Gilded Splinters.” Because I needed a New Orleans song that was kind of weird and spooky to go along with the video, and even though I really wanted to post “Nolia Clap” and then maybe “New Orleans Based,” it wouldn't have been thematically appropriate. This song was written and originally done by weird jovial New Orleans spookmaster Dr. John, but this version is better--and this version's drums were used by Blackalicious in “A to G.”



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good medicine said...

this version has funkier drums, but i still gotta give it to the dr. johnny took all the psychedelic murkiness and heavy voodoo vibe outta the song. plus the doc's voice is so much more powerful. i'm a huge dr. john nut, though. dude's album, "babylon" changed my life. and his stuff with the meters? don't get me started...