Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 great things about today, besides the fact that “Soldier” will be in my head all day in honor of our nation's veterans.

Bandana tied, so mami join my troop/ Now every time she hear my name, she salute.” SIGH. Understated, '05-'06 Wayne was the greatest of all the Waynes.

Better be street if he lookin at me. Yep. Every good girl wants this. And somehow the fact that the line is sung over a Rich Harrison beat makes it 100 times more true. Unfortunately, if he is street he's probably not looking at me (I think it's my librarian/schoolteacher aura). It's more like “If he’s married he’s looking at me” and “If he wants to see me without my top off but doesn’t want to talk about the production finery on Two Sevens Clash, he's definitely looking at me.” On the other hand, I sometimes like it when boys disregard my brain and talk to me all bossy (“Roll somethin/you ain’t here just to be a bad bitch”*) so I am totally asking for this frustration and trouble. Can't have it both ways, Logan.

1. Lagerfeld’s living room, as shot by Todd Selby. Kanye's got his own Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and I've got mine, and here it is. Porn for an English major.

Karl's a hideous bitch of a man and doesn't like to touch or make out with girls, but oh goddd. The books. The couch, 5 miles long. I would offer increasingly degrading sexual favors to be able to lounge there.

2. Cee-Lo on Colbert, “Fox News.”

(“Didn’t see one politician that wasn’t corrupt
On the Fox News
And I got the blues
The poor get poorer, the rich get richer
Ain’t that some shit
I’m having pains in my chest because I’m so stressed
From the Fox News”)

3. Touchy-feely NBA teams are more likely to win. Touchy-feely NBA teams who are currently 8-0 and who show up in Curren$y verses are guaranteed to win.

Goose died tryin to fly a jet, word to Maverick/Doobie passes like Magic, lit the Forum up/'80s status*.

* Wiz & Curren$y (but you can skip Wiz's verse, and ignore the fact that the beat is that stupid Toto song), “Huey Newton.” Everybody in the room know/Rabies flow, dog, trill, Cujo.


4. Racial comedy! Harmless, and always hilarious.

“African-American Community Calls For New Black Nerd Archetype”

Hollywood Blasted For Failure To Portray Modern Dorks Of Color.

5. Afro Soul Descarga mix, via Sofrito UK.

Polyrhythmic percussion, Beatles covers, and ass shaking (TRACK #2--Sir Victor Uwaifo).



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