Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nike Auuuurrrs & crispy tees.

It's never too late to become a better person.
Donate your organs after your death.

Agency: CLM BBDO / Boulogne Billancourt, France

[via Ads of the World, notorious time-killer in apt. 15.]

France gets all the ill advertising goodness; my home country gets the ghost of Earl Woods helping his sad, unsexy son sell polo shirts and shoes. America still rules at rapping, though, so I feel good.

That Tiger ad, turns out, was done by Wiegen + Kennedy, an agency that's really good at figuring out how to tug at my heartstrings (beautiful young men,
organized and practiced, displaying athletic gifts) while making me hate myself (the toned bodies of young men of color being used to sell polo shirts and shoes). I miss my childhood, when I could watch that Bo Jackson commercial and feel nothing but joy and not think about Phil Knight's labor policies or the athletic-shoe-industrial-complex. Goddammit.



Anonymous said...

Sweden dislikes this. Don't mess with our women. But yes, you guys still rule at rapping. But even your rapping is on a slippery slope. Kweli and Jay Elec is going to save you this year. And the Banner/9th collab maybe.

Dart Adams said...

The US Hip Hop Team would kick ass in the Rap Olympics! I can't imagine anyone that WOULDN'T wanna go (unlike Carmelo Anthony's selfish ass) and represent their country in that jawn if asked.

USA! USA! USA! I always felt some kinda way about those Nike ads since I was reared in Adidas country (even though it was technically Reebok country). I'm still bugging about your Easter post. Enough that I linked your site in one of my last Bastard Swordsman blogs.

Keep it up. I'll continue reading.