Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Capo pledges the United States' undying support of Israel and other news.

"Obama's national security adviser, Jim Jones, urges bold steps to revive long-stalled Middle East negotiations." [NY Times]


His intimate familiarity with beef and all its detrimental effects makes him uniquely qualified to speak on this topic.

PS, hey Jimmy! If Iran is so good at exploiting the Arab-Israeli conflict and we'd like to stop Iran from furthering its nuclear program, perhaps we could transfer some of our sympathy and funding from the nuclear power known as Israel and apply it to the residents of caged plots of land who are bound by checkpoints on the West Bank so that they will stop blowing humans up in protest. Iran might calm down about the threat of the Zionist entity if the Zionist entity allows Palestinians to live as dignified citizens. Call me for more info.

Malcolm McLaren's hearse, pulled through London today. How rebellious is rebellion if it's perfectly calculated? Is fame for fame's sake kind of pornographic and stupid, or awesome and postmodern? These are the questions I wish my friend Kanye would ask himself. Remember that slogan above, too; it'll be the name of my next mixtape.

I can't ever be too haterish if I know the dude is in on the joke. Oh Malcolm! An affectionate goodbye (see you later?) from me and all the other westside riders.

Adam Yauch is summoning all the Buddhist mojo in Rick Rubin's beard and encouraging people across the land to join him twice a day in order to meditate against cancer.

"We are visualizing taking the energy away from the cancer," he says, "and then sending it back at the cancer as lightning bolts that will break apart the DNA and RNA of the cells."

Meditation, bass guitar, gray hair and hippie shit. Dad??

Got a. Freaky. Freaky. Freakyfreaky flow.

XXL uses "Mostly tha Voice" as a starting point in compiling a list of the best MC voices. Bun B and Scarface and Biggie are on there; I approve. And then those space cadets mention Shyne (?) and some dude who had a bar on a Busta Rhymes mixtape in '98. Look, now they've gone and gotten me all upset.

Back on terra firma, we're a little more level-headed. Big fat shiny glaring omissions that deserve mention include ODB, Jeru, Doom, Kool Keith, Adrock, Ricky Walters, Sadat X, RA, Masta Ace, and an entire Cali cohort consisting of two-fourths of the Pharcyde, B-Real, Quik, MC Eiht, E FUCKING FAWTY, Del!, the DOC!, and Kurupt (I know it's a longshot, but I just love his voice), all the best Wu gods (except Meth, who’s mentioned), Hector Lavoe, Ian Curtis, Anthony Hamilton—oh sorry!

I am generally easygoing but this kind of debate makes me opinionated and feverish. The lack of Rakim mention made me throw my laptop across the room, for example.



druff said...

VINNIE PAZ from Jedi Mind Tricks has one of the best deliveries in all of rap.

KRS too (I mean ONE lulz), doi.

RA, hehe.

danps said...

Malcolm assembled. He had a great sense of how to get the right elements together and set them in motion. It was all calculated and cynical on his part, but that doesn't mean the various moving bits he gathered were calculated and cynical as well. It's a subtle but important difference between that and certain highly manufactured mass market confectioners, who seem destined for a long stretch behind bars even as their fortunes wax.

Plus, anyone good enough for Liz Phair to sample is good enough for me.