Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heeeeere's Ronnie. (groan! sorry!)

[Stephen Dunn / Getty Images]

Nicholson + Artest, just like they practiced it during dress rehearsal.

Inell Young - "The Next Ball Game," AKA "Friday Night, Please Don't Call Me Unless It's During the First Quarter."


Unrelated: Sleigh Bells, "Tell 'Em," which (don't get your hopes up) is NOT a tribute to Soulja Boy. Even though I kinda feel like white girls in bands singing sweetly over hard sounds get a disproportionate amount of love and shine and credit for musical risk-taking (I can say this because I'm a white girl, but you can't), I LIKE IT SO MUCH. Hurry hurry and like it too, before B.o.B. raps over the instrumental.


"Crown on the Ground" is good too.



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danps said...

It's so cute to see you all excited about the Lakers' nice little run in the postseason. Please unplug your television prior to game 1 of the NBA Finals, aka The Four Game Coronation of King James.

However, to give you some LA awesomeness in June I direct your attention to In Ruins by Fol Chen, which will be on Part II: The New December. They killed it a couple years ago with "Cable TV" and they killed it again with this one. I hope that will be enough to salve your wounded hometown pride.