Friday, March 12, 2010

Herbie Hancock scoring the Miles Davis biopic starring Don Cheadle is relevant to my life for several reasons.

I like it when superb things combine forces into one easily-consumed unit. This upcoming film is like music-nerd Voltron [Paste]. Plus Miles had a thing for thin blonde ladies with ambiguously ethnic features so I probably have a shot at a role.

1. “The choice (of composer) is apt considering Hancock, no small figure in the jazz world himself, played with Davis when he was living.” The choice is also apt because of the random Herbie factoids I will proudly wield when the film is in theaters, like how he scored Colors AND Blow-Up, which gives him a level of cinematic cache I don't think I've seen before or since. Blow-Up, by the way, is legendarily dope in the world of movie poster-dom:

2. ROCKIT”! Rockit, people. Rock-it. It's an instruction, a reminder of how you're supposed to navigate your way through daily life. It's also 1 of about 7 songs in the vinyl collection I have curated in apt. 15 that tirelessly and without fail KILLS IT no matter how often you hear it (“Sweet Child O'Mine,” “Know the Ledge,” “Crimson & Clover,” “Apache”), even though it has been disgustingly poached for commercial endeavors over the years and used every time there's a montage of goofy white guys breakdancing in a film.

This (a), which begat this (b). And this.

She love me and she drivin me crazy.

4.Cheadle, in addition to co-writing the screenplay, is set to direct and star in the film.” Don Cheadle, possessor of his fair share of valuable gifts (kind eyes, acting skills that display his intelligence without pretentiousness), being revealed as a writer is the stuff that every English major girldork daydreams about while stuck in traffic. I think we all remember his performance at the coffee place last week, too. Swoon, Don.

That Akinyele line! OBVIOUSLY. I'm sorry, no disrespect to the man's oeuvre but for the rest of my days every time I hear Herbie Hancock my brain's next logical step will be recalling that
I be like Herbie and Han you a c--- line (edited because I don't want my mom to see. Also, because I'm super classy). Herbie Han-cock. So clever/genius. Queens MCs are awfully clutch with that there wordplay.



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