Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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1. Arcade Fire licenses "Wake Up" for use during the "Super Bowl" © ™ ®. [Paste]


Welcome to 2005, NFL.
I'll get sick of it.
It's no Super Bowl Shuffle.
They're Canadian (so is Drake).


It's for charity. For Haiti. License the damn thing.
There's no Hank Williams jr. involved.
They're Canadian (so is Neil Young!).
The I-guess-we'll-just-have-to-adjuuuuust part.
The tempo change at 3:55.
The You better look out below part.
Goddammit, it's still 2005. I'll never get sick of it. Nice job, NFL!

I'm still waiting for our road trip when we all pile on the bus and this comes on the radio and we have a heartfelt, spontaneous sing-along like that part in Almost Famous. Don't leave without me, k? I just gotta get my bag and say bye to my mom.

Gun comb! Those Japanese, always so genius/wacky.
(Except for those 'large-pupiled sex dolls in schoolgirl uniform' fetishes. That's more creepy/wacky.

No Gilbert Arenas jokes here, buddy. That’s yesterdaysville. Upon acquiring one, I will, however, take it out of my back pocket and shout Riverside, muthafucka, then comb my hair and step over Radames’ lifeless body as I begin my stroll back home.

3. "You're in the Terrordome, like my man Chuck D said," he exclaimed just before killing those poor innocent people.

"I excel at hips, nerdery of various sorts, and corny '90s-hip-hop-based jokes," I exclaimed just before crafting this post.

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danps said...

"Tiny Dancer" FTW.