Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Bye-bye, Def Jux.

- my RSS feed (Prefix).

Emo is, for the record:

Muddy Waters,
Billie Holiday,
everything sung into a mic in the greater DC area in the years 1976-1978,
Kurt Cobain from Bleach until like November '93,
and nothing, nothing else. Oh and Def Jux, of course. Almost forgot.

And either this story is true, and I'm sad and mad and feeling like 1998 might actually be over and like I'm going to faint and then awaken briefly just to take a bottle of Klonopin mixed with some opiate of my choosing and die,


somebody's got a new record coming out. Industry drones, please email me the real story. My life hangs in the balance!


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danps said...

I'm a rock and roll baby and all, but Nevermind was Nirvana's only truly great album. In Utero was a sophomore slump and that posthumous live one is an interesting snapshot but hardly a classic. With all due respect, Nirvana is overrated.

On another note: New Frog Eyes! NEW FROG EYES! NEW FROG EYES!!!!