Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh word: Birthday/Lethem/Radric edition.

“I just got a RZA mug for my birthday just recently” - Gucci, I'm pretty sure. But I might be paraphrasing.

“You can't be deep without a surface.” - Jonathan Lethem, regarding the birthday girl.
I hate it when you can't pick just one favorite ridiculous bathing suit RZA mug photo out of the bunch.

It's my birth date and here are the 2 songs that'll be in my head all day (I mean, other than “Recently,” of course):

The Falcons' (old-timey Wilson Pickett and Eddie Floyd!) love song for the birthday girl- “I Can't Help It.” Falling in love, head over heels, etc.


Pete Rock instrumental for the birthday girl walking down the street.




B said...

Hope you had a Happy Birthday! And nice mug I need a black one with just the Wu symbol.

Nicholas said...

Happy belated,
My meth mug is more john blaze than that though.