Friday, October 1, 2010

White girl side hustle opportunity I missed: N.E.R.D. on Letterman

N.E.R.D., “Hypnotize You.” Letterman, 09/28/10. Can you spot me?

(This is what it would have looked like had I been informed of this casting opportunity.)

Pharrell hired a bunch of underweight girls with that good hair to wear white tanks and sit and just keep on sitting for the duration of his terrible song. This is a performance for which I'm sure he paid them handsomely. Accordingly, I need a better agent.

I often acknowledge that my ethnic identity group is full of corny types. We're super annoying at the club 'cause we can't shake it*and our latest favorite song to get slutty to on the dancefloor is Wiz's “Black and Yellow,” a song all over LA radio that's produced by 2 Norwegians who are experts in making catchy R&B so of course white girls love it. So the Letterman gig above is something I may not have taken right away, because it's corny. Pharrell in '10 is nothing like Pharrell in '02 when he was amazing and Nore-affiliated--I mean everything in my Honda's CD player during those days had some kind of spy chord. But, but, I still would've done taken the white tank top job eventually, because Pharrell is really cute and probably always will be, and because during rehearsals he and I could've debated whether Talking Book is superior to Innvervisions or is that just something people like to throw around, and because hey, white ladies like to get paid just like everyone else. We are coming up in the world as rapper accessories, which makes us like the new...Skypagers? Anyway, I haven’t been this proud of us since we were Bishop Don's lap ornament at Andre 3000’s wedding, and then there was my cousin who made an appearance as Juelz’s pale-skinned jumpoff in “Beamer Benz,” providing something called becky. You remember. She made him almost crash his Bentley. : (

* unless you're talking about me. I can shake it.

Major Mackerel - “Pretty Looks Done.” Just saying, ladies. Cash in while you can.




patio said...

just found your blog, i digs, and i feel good about the tip/thought straight outta compton.

Christian said...

Even though I am a weed head to the death I fucking hate Wiz Khalifa. I think he's Tyga; the way Shock G is Humpty.

unlike many white girls, I hate homoerotic R&B.

And why do people talk about catchy music like that means it's good? You know what else is catchy?

The Herp!!