Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obviously my squad won but more importantly

HOW do I get my soft and dainty hands on that Andre version of “All Together Now”? I need it, and then I need to assemble a group of individuals to come to my apartment and listen to the song with me and enjoy it without irony. (This should all happen without the expressed written consent of Nike, Inc., so get me an illegal copy. Xoxo.)

5, 6, 7-8-9-10, Andre, I love you 'cause you're a habitual line-stepper. Also, Baby, baby. You're in my system. (I know it's the other one; it just fits here.)



curious said...

This might be a cup of Nescafe for your espresso desires but download the vid and save it as mp3. Maybe call round some acquaintances (rather and true friends)and enjoy listening to the track without irony (or a proper bottom end due to bitrate issues. just a thought.

and oh yes, hello!

curious said...

Oh no!! I forgot to close the bracket. Will this clause ever end?!

Dart Adams said...

Why so many people take issue with the Guy Richie film "Revolver" is beyond me. I loved it.